Listing Made Simple - Listing your home for sale may seem like you’re getting yourself into something very complicated, and for many sellers, this is the case. Especially given the changes in real estate in the recent past, sellers need honest answers and explanations in a simple, but thorough manner. Joe Maharg’s business philosophy matches those needs perfectly. The myriad technologies and rules involved in real estate require someone who can “bottom-line” things and discuss them with sellers in a way which which they are educated, informed, and involved in decision-making.


Real Simple Process - Often, the most important aspects of listing a property are finding out feedback from buyers and agents who have viewed the property, and crafting the presentation of the property in such a way as to maximize those viewings. But what about when the property attracts that buyer and goes under contract? When that happens, you need an agent with a tested knowledge of the transaction and closing process who can help navigate through it – simply. At the same time, many sellers are trapped between doing things themselves on the one hand, and not understanding the steps in the process on the other. As Joe’s client, you will receive expert guidance throughout the transaction process, knowing what to expect next and the plan of action from the start – keeping everything real simple.


Real Simple Communication for Sellers - Simply stated, Joe Maharg consistently, constantly, and concisely communicates with his clients. With Joe Maharg as your listing agent, you will hear from him (at a minimum) once a week. You will receive a seller report with internet activity on your listing once a week, and a comprehensive listing report every two weeks. You will not be like some sellers – only hearing from your listing agent if there is an offer or a need for extending your listing. Joe Maharg is in constant contact with his clients!