A Real Simple Buying Process There are, generally speaking, two kinds of buyers – first time homebuyers, and buyers that have a present home to sell (or have sold one in the past). In either case, there are seemingly endless numbers of complications that can come up. Joe believes in a step-by-step process for buying a home. That process may be slightly different depending on which type of buyer you are, but a good old-fashioned discussion about the process and what to expect along the way is a great way to start, and that’s exactly what Joe does.


Financing -   In the same way as the home buying experience as a whole, financing can be simplified for buyers by ascertaining what kind of home they are looking for, location, the desired payment range, and available down payment. By putting gall these factors together before the home buying process begins, Joe, through his knowledge and experience with home financing, can incorporate financing needs into the overall purchasing plan.


Real Simple Communication for Buyers - Few people are successful navigating to a destination without a map. But even with a map, you need constant feedback along the way that you’re in the right place and headed the right direction. When you’re buying a home with Joe Maharg as your agent, you’ll get constant communication about the progress so far, as well as what comes next. This isn’t a standard thing in real estate, so it’s vitally important to have an agent that is communicating with you at all times – Joe Maharg does!